Nurse Samantha Spottington



Samantha Spottington was once a prized exhibit at a local zoo, however due to a clumsy keeper forgetting to lock the cages one evening Samantha decided to go for a stroll, as did many other animals. One animal that was also taking a brisk and springy walk was Gavin the gazelle, Samantha was unable to resist the urge to chase Gavin who hopped and bounced his way down the street.


After a brief pursuit Gavin decided to escape by bouncing his way through a shop, Samantha was hot on his hooves when she saw Gavin dive into the nearest shop…


A fancy dress hire shop.


Samantha went sprinting into the small shop and before she knew it she was tangled up in a nurses outfit, unfortunately at that very moment Doctor Baboonface spotted her and employed her as his assistant based solely on the fact she was dressed as a nurse.


Despite having no medical knowledge whatsoever Samantha tries her best to limit the chaos that Doctor Baboonface causes with his crazy behaviour.