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An Amazing Adventure… 

A long time ago in 2013 the first Steven the Ant story was written as a bedtime story for children, and within a fairly short space of time it grew into the now legendary book series of surreal tales of Steven’s life as a multi talented ant.


Steven’s adventures all involve Steven’s friend Jemima the Apatosaurus and the somewhat strange Doctor Baboonface (not a real doctor).


Since the early stories Steven has been employed as a bus driver, a pizza delivery ant, a palaeontologist and will soon be a dentist in the latest adventure.


Every book is printed in a high quality gloss finish and is A4 size. Each book contains beautifully hand drawn illustrations (with no sign of any awful computer generated pictures).   


The books contain a tale of epic adventure and chaos followed by some educational activity pages for children to read and learn about all sorts of topics related to the story they have read.


There is also a range of Steven the Ant merchandise which is available from badges and T-shirts to phone cases and key rings.


The books are written and illustrated by the brother and sister team Alan Wilkinson and Karen Wilkinson.

Books and Merchandise available

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