About the Author

Alan decided to write this series of books as he was fed up with reading very similar and quite dull children’s books to his own children and wanted to give them something a bit more adventurous, bizarre and surreal that would let them imagine anything and everything with endless possibilities.


In an age of amazing technology, which children should embrace, they should also read as many books as they possibly can. Books are good, and always will be. Believe me it’s true.





About the illustrator

Karen is Alan’s sister, she can draw. Alan can’t draw very well. Fortunately, Karen was available to illustrate the adventures of Steven the Ant and produced wonderful original illustrations.


In a move away from the standard cartoon style applied to so much children’s literature the illustrations are beautifully precise, Steven is a real ant, Jemima a real apatosaurus, Doctor Baboonface a real baboon (although not a real doctor!). With the addition of a few clothes and accessories they bring Steven the Ant to life.


Some of the illustrations are not coloured, so that the reader can colour them in. Everybody loves crayons after all!