Steven the Ant


Steven the Ant is a multi talented creature, he has had many jobs from Palaeontologist to Bus Driver. He is a hard working ant but often encounters difficulties, usually as a result of being best friends with an Apatosaurus called Jemima. Even when things get difficult (which is very often when your friend is a million times larger than you), Steven manages to cope often with the assistance of the legendary Doctor Baboonface who isn’t really a doctor, he’s just a baboon who once ate a doctor, obtained his bag and stethoscope and now believes he is a doctor. 


Doctor Baboonface is assisted in his medical work by Nurse Samantha Spottington who is a cheetah who once chased a gazelle through a fancy dress shop and ended up in a nurse’s outfit, spotted by Doctor Baboonface she was employed as a nurse despite her protestations that she was in fact just a cheetah with no medical training whatsoever.


Steven the Ant is the world’s most amazing ant. His adventures have taken him around the world and into many different jobs, he will soon be appearing in his latest adventure Dental Dilemma in which he is a great dentist however when he encounters a certain patient who has eaten too many toffees mayhem ensues.



Dental Dilemma is due for release in November 2020.