It’s the final countdown

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Coming to bookstores very soon!


Steven the Ant in Dental Dilemma.


A perfect gift for a child this Christmas.

It’s almost time!

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It’s nearly time!


Steven’s latest adventure is nearly ready to be printed and published for everyone to enjoy!


The new merchandise is in production too, check back soon to see the wonderful array of Steven the Ant books and merchandise in the new online store!  

Nearly ready!

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It’s almost ready!


Coming to bookstores in November 2020…


Steven the Ant in Dental Dilemma


Another beautifully illustrated A4 glossy paperback or limited edition hardback book for children age 5 to 95!

A New Adventure

A new website and a new adventure!

Steven is back in a new adventure and has a new website too!


Check back for further updates and more website features coming very soon!


The much awaited Dental Dilemma is the latest Steven the Ant adventure due in bookstores from November 2020!