Doctor Baboonface

Dr B

Doctor Baboonface is a curious creature. He was born and raised in the African savannah as one would expect, however an unexpected turn of events led him to a most unusual place. A doctor who was working in Africa had the misfortune of encountering Doctor Baboonface who proceeded to eat him. On finishing his meal Doctor Baboonface decided to try on the white lab coat and carry the doctor’s bag with him. He returned to the other baboons and proclaimed himself a doctor. The other baboons were not impressed.


After a brief spell trying to convince his baboon friends of his newly found medical skills he was asked to leave and somehow managed to stumble his way across several countries until he settled in a quiet little village where somehow he managed to continue to practise medicine (albeit without any actual skill).


Doctor Baboonface recruited some help in the form of nurse Samantha Spottington who probably unsurprisingly is not actually a nurse but due to an unfortunate mix up whilst chasing a gazelle through a fancy dress shop appeared to be an ideal assistant for Doctor Baboonface.