The Amazing Adventures of Steven the Ant

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Steven the Ant is a most incredible ant.

A multi talented incredible ant in fact.


He is wise and wonderful, a truly magnificent creature.


Steven’s friends are all rather odd.


Steven’s friend Jemima is the oddest of all.


Jemima is a dinosaur and is huge. But fear not the difference in size and potential for Steven to be squished and squashed by his apatosaurus friend.


Steven can always rely on Doctor Baboonface to rescue him if he’s squashed or eaten or accidentally sent to Mars.

Steven the Ant

A new adventure is out now!

Join Steven in his latest adventure, Dental Dilemma, coming to bookstores in November 2020.

A new adventure!

Join Steven on his new adventure in Dental Dilemma, now in bookstores and online!

New and Improved

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New Stuff!

Coming soon – New merchandise and competitions to win Steven the Ant goodies!


Look out for the competition to win signed original illustrations and a copy of the latest Steven the Ant book!

Steven the Ant

Steven is a most unique ant. Steven has done many jobs over the past few years from bus driver to palaeontologist!

Now in his new adventure Steven has a new job as a dentist.

In the new book, Dental Dilemma, Steven is once again joined by his friends Jemima the Apatosaurus, Doctor Baboonface, Samantha Spottington and many more.  


Steven’s Best Friend

Jemima the Apatosaurus

Steven’s Doctor

The Legendary Doctor Baboonface